Lubricheck Oil Tester

Oil prices are soaring and the petroleum reserves continue to deplete at a fast pace in those rich Arab countries. And while we crib about the rising cost of petrol, seldom do we pay heed on the amount of dough we spend on engine oil. We either blindly follow the intervals mentioned on the service book or simply go ahead with what the mechanic says. Fair enough, considering there is very little you can do to question the authority or experience of the mechanic or the service manual. However, a new device promises to help you in judging the serviceability of your car’s engine oil, at least for your peace of mind.


Aptly called Lubricheck, this device requires you simply pull out the oil level dip stick (refer to our ‘DIY: Fluid Check’ video to understand how) and plop a couple of oil drops on the device’s sensor. The device will then analyse the oil sample for metal filings, debris and acidity levels to authoritatively tell you if an oil change is required. As can be seen in the image above, the device has settings to let you run the test for both, mineral as well as synthetic oils. 


Don’t such devices already exist in the market?


Well, they do, but not at the price and size that Lubricheck promises to be. Such devices are generally found only at high-end workshops and could cost more than a Tata Nano to install and run. A cheap, pocket sized device like Lubricheck can not only help you evade unnecessary oil change procedures, but also help you keep track of your vehicle’s health. 


The start-up venture that has made this wonderful device has put together an introduction video for Lubricheck. Check it out here:

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