2013 Shanghai Auto Show: Nissan Friend-ME Concept revealed

The quirky four-seater sedan from the Japanese automaker aimed specifically at the Chinese men in their mid-20s, the Nissan Friend-ME Concept has made its debut at the on-going 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. 


Created jointly by Nissan Design China (NDC) team in Beijing and Nissan Global Design Centre (NGDC) under the leadership of Shiro Nakamura, Nissan's senior vice president and chief executive officer, the Friend-ME Concept is based on the underpinnings of an existing Nissan sedan.  


The Nissan Friend-ME Concept's stance is low and wide with short overhangs. Both head and tail lamps are boomerang-shaped, which seems to be fashionable these days.


On the inside, all four seats are separate, to emphasize the fact that all the car's occupants are seen as equals. The car has a centre console that stretched from the dash to the space between the rear seats. Each occupant can access a screen showing information about the car, such as current speed or navigation.


No technical details have been revealed by the company yet. However, Nissan envisions to install its new PureDrive hybrid powertrain in the sedan concept, allowing for lower emissions. The Nissan Friend-ME is expected to be the first in a series of concepts showcasing the needs of prospective Chinese car buyers.

2013 Shanghai Auto Show: Nissan Friend-ME Concept revealed