We knew that Audi is planning to expand its range with a at least half a dozen new models, when reports came out of Europe suggesting that the German automaker has registered seven new model names. Some of the possible models that could  take form include, a new MPV based on the A4 line, a range-topping A9 four-door coupe, a new city car that will be slotted below the A1 and also a range-topping usury SUV - the Audi Q8.


While most of these models are still on the drawing boards, Car Magazine is reporting that, Audi management have green lighted the new Q range topper that will feature coupe-like styling. 

Audi Q8 Crossover gets a green light for production

Though details are limited at this stage, it is said that the Q8 will ride on a long wheelbase version of the MLB platform that will also underpin the next generation Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg. The luxury crossover is also expected to borrow some styling cues from the Crosslane Coupe Concept that was showcased at this years Geneva Motor Show. The new model is also expected to go through a drastic weight loss. Due to the aluminum intensive architecture of the crossover, the Q8 is likely to weigh over 300 Kg less than the current Q7 model. 


We also hear that Audi has reportedly been showing off the Q8 at marketing clinics where the model has garnered more positive response. Based on the overwhelming response, Audi has reportedly raised their production forecast to 25,000 units per annum. 


We expect the Audi Q8 Crossover to be production-ready by 2017.


Audi Q8 Crossover gets a green light for production

Source - Car Magazine UK