Believe it or not, but the web is the next big thing for carmakers when it comes to marketing their wares and their brand image. Social networking therefore is another important tool that the marketing gurus look up to for spreading more awareness about the brand that backs them. Even Ferrari is no exception to this phenomenon – after all, the Italian carmaker sells more dreams than cars. However a new video, which has just rolled out of Maranello, talks about anything but their cars. In fact, it celebrates the fan following that the carmaker has amassed on the web.

Ferrari celebrates a Facebook milestone (video)

Don’t expect any V12 orchestra or sinful artwork; instead what you have is a light-hearted, illustrative animation which shows that a carbonfibre-bodied Ferrari is so light that it can fly – so much so that it can even hit Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo in the face! Enough of the sarcasm then, watch the video right here: