Ferrari has unexpectedly released first spy images of the long-awaited Enzo successor – the F70. Up until now, the Italian supercar maker had managed to keep it well under wraps but just this week, Ferrari itself has published a couple of close up shots of the F70 in the latest issue of its official magazine.


Covered in heavy camouflage, the F70 seen in the images appears to be wearing a bunch of makeshift body panels courtesy of the 458 Italia. Clear-cut details on the design language are not available just yet but we expect the F70 to be designed on the lines of its forerunner, the Enzo. 

Ferrari teases upcoming F70 hypercar; releases official spy shots

The F70 will get its power from a mid-mounted V12 engine and as is with every new Ferrari, the F70 packs a few tricks up its sleeve. The new 6.2-litre, V12 for instance features Formula 1-derived Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) system.  With the system on song, the F70 is said to put out well over 900PS of power. Also, it can be driven on pure electricity albeit for a couple of km at best.


The Ferrari F70 is expected to make its first public appearance early next year. In true hypercar tradition, it will be made in small numbers and will be limited to a certain group of potential customers handpicked by Ferrari. 


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