From what all we have read and heard, the Ford EcoSport just about manages to seat five adults in comfort. So when news broke that Ford is planning a 7-seater version of it, our interest was naturally keener given that adding another row of seats onto the fairly compact footprint of the EcoSport is rather a tough challenge.


That’s what Ford Brazil plans to do. The carmaker is apparently working on a longer, 7-seater version of the EcoSport. Interestingly, even with two additional seats in the cabin, the longer, 7-seater version is likely to come with the same wheelbase as the current model sold in a number of countries but India. The extra length, in fact, will be courtesy of extended rear overhangs. 

Ford EcoSport to spawn a 7-seater version


As for the fire power, the 7-seater version will get the same set of engines as the standard EcoSport, which means the former’s added weight would play as a spoil sport. However, there won’t be huge difference in performance between either of the cars.


The launch date is still some time away (we are guessing sometime in 2015). That said, here in India, what we will be getting is the 5-seater model which is scheduled to go on sale in early 2013.