Although Honda has put the all-new CRV on sale in the European markets, there’s a long way to go before it makes to our shores. Given that the Indian market is likely to get the fully imported European-spec model, we expect the new CRV to arrive in India by 2013.


Honda India, meanwhile, is looking for a serious rollout; having already revealed its plans to introduce it’s first-ever diesel offering in the form of an all new Brio-based sedan, the carmaker is looking to take the Indian market by storm and make for up for the lost ground of recent years, especially since the advent of increasing number of diesel powered cars from nearly every mainstream carmaker in India.   

Fourth-generation Honda CRV caught on test in India


Honda India also aims to revive its position in the premium auto space, which is why the company is said to launch the all-new, fourth-gen CRV in India. As can be seen from these images snapped by one of the readers of Motorbash, Honda is already out testing the car before it is launched sometime next year.  

Fourth-generation Honda CRV caught on test in India


The fourth-gen CRV gets the same 2.4-litre engine mated to a five-speed automatic, but produces 20PS more thanks to better compression and a few other enhancements for slightly better economy. As for the diesel range, the Europe-spec model carries forward the 2-litre, i-DTEC diesel engine from the current line-up and adds a new 1.6-litre turbo-diesel to the mix. We hope that the diesel versions are being considered for the India-bound CRV too. Though the current CR-V sold in India did come with a diesel option in Europe, the engine was considered unsuitable for our market due to the adulterated quality of diesel sold in India. With the fourth-gen CRV, we hope Honda finds a solution to this in time for the launch of the new CRV.   

Image source: Motorbash