High-security registration plates mandatory from May 1 in New Delhi

The transport department of India has made the installation of high-security registration plates (HSRPs) mandatory to curb thefts of vehicle number plates. The process has been put in effect for all the new cars in New Delhi from April 30 and the older cars can apply for the installation of new HSRP from 15 June 2012. On Monday, the regional transport office in Burari installed the first HSRP in New Delhi on a Swift DZire owned by Mr Jaswant Rai Agarwal, official kick starting the process. 


New vehicle owners will have to go to one of the 14 local RTOs in New Delhi to secure the registration number. The MLO (motor licensing officer) will issue an authorization slip to the owner, who will then approach the HSRP center and pay the requisite amount to the get the new HSRP affixed. The center will also allot date and time for a said installation to the owner. The customer will then have to return to the HSRP center in the allotted date and time to get the number plate installed. The HSNP for two-wheelers will cost close to Rs 70, Rs 213.24 for four-wheelers, Rs 85.56 for three-wheelers and Rs 219.99 for commercial vehicles. 


A similar process will be undertaken to set up HSRP centers in all other metros and semi-metros across the country to implement the HSRP scheme country.


The government has assured that the new number plates are tamper-proof as several safety features have been added — a retro-reflective sheet, a chromium based hologram, India in-scripted hot stamping foil, unique code of minimum seven digits, embossed registration number, self-destructive wind shield sticker and a non-reusable snap lock that makes it difficult to duplicate. 


The Transport Department however has only set-up two HSRP centers, when there is need for at least 14 such outlets. At present, the two fitting centers are located at Mall Road and Burari in New Delhi. The department is hoping that the wait for the number plates will not get out of hand and if it does, the company entrusted with the task of executing the HSRP scheme, Rosmerta HSRP Ventures will be penalized. 


Ample time will be given to the owners of older cars to make the switch to the new HSRP. "The city will have three years to completely switch over to the new tamper-proof plates" state Transport Department official said.