Hyundai i10 Diesel for India in 2 years

Last week, Honda announced to the dismay of many, that the City won’t get a diesel mill before 2013. Now, during the launch function of the new (fluidic) Verna in Mumbai, Hyundai officials that we spoke to hinted at a similar, year 2013 time period of the i10 diesel. 


Other sources have confirmed the fact by telling us that while Hyundai’s new diesel plant in India is being setup, the i10’s prototype diesel engine will start doing the testing rounds. But with the new diesel plant still on the cards and mass production of the engines still a couple of years away, there is a long time before the i10’s diesel engine sees the light of the day. 


This scenario will give the i10’s rival, the Beat, has a lot of time on hand to cover up ground with its upcoming diesel variant and in-turn, enjoy a first mover advantage in this regard. The Beat diesel will be powered by a three-cylinder 900cc engine which is likely to be called 'Xtra Smart Diesel Engine' and expected to make its debut in the next couple of months.