12/12/12 is not a day you'll see twice in your life. At least not as long as you're not from another planet. To make the most of it, Hyundai is offering the car buyers a number of discounts on five of its more popular products.

Hyundai presents 12 hours of happiness today

For the small car Eon, Hyundai is offering savings of up to Rs 32, 227 along with a Rs 5,000 exchange bonus. The i10 is being offered with total savings of a whopping Rs 62,250, the Santro Xing with Rs. 49,709. The i20 is available with savings of up to Rs. 41,520 on petrol and Rs 25,000 on diesel and the Fluidic Verna with savings up to Rs 20,000 on petrol and Rs 25,000 on diesel. All the above mentioned cars, like the Eon get a Rs. 5,000 extra bonus too. 

The offer is valid for today only i.e. only for 12/12/12. So don't waste any of the "12 HRS of Happiness" and get yourself a Hyundai today.