Just as Murcielago after having a full run was replaced by the Lamborghini Aventador in 2011, it is now the Gallardo that is winding into it's final production years and will soon be replaced with a newer model. Though the Italian carmaker is yet to officially announce the name of the future sportscar that will replace the Gallardo, speculations strongly point towards the name of a famous Spanish fighting bull, Cabrera.

Lamborghini Gallardo to be replaced by Cabrera in 2014

The only official information that was revealed by the Italian carmaker is that Cabrera's design is a 'revolution not an evolution.' Therefore, it is safe to assume that the body of the future supercar will be significantly different than the Gallardo, wearing fiercer lines and it is also said to feature a more powerful engine.


It is also believed that Cabrera will borrow some of the styling cues from the Sesto Elemento that was shown for the first time at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Lamborghini Gallardo to be replaced by Cabrera in 2014

Coming back to the future Cabrera, it is rumored the supercar will feature the same 5.2-litre V10 engine as the current Gallardo. However, the engine will get a supercharger that will enable the sportscar to produce close to 600PS of max power. Unlike the current Gallardo that comes with a laundry list of available options, the Cabrera will offer a much simpler line up. 


The Cabrera will naturally be a two seater and is most likely to offer an evolution of the well-known e-Gear transmission. There is even some talk that suggests the upcoming sportscar will not feature the conventional gearbox anymore. The new model is expected to feature only the automatic version and a rear--wheel drive train. All-wheel drive is still however, on the table. 

The upcoming 2013 Lamborghini Cabrera is expected to make its world premiere at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and will look to take on Ferrari's current 458 Italia.