Three big problems of the XUV500

There are good problems to have and Mahindra has atleast three of them currently. The fact that Anand Mahindra and Pawan Goenka knew they had a winner in the XUV500 at the launch was pretty evident. Just how big a winner is getting clear in the 10 days since. So here's the latest from the XUV500 front:

First good problem: Mahindra first announced that it has received more than 5000 bookings in the first six days. One dealership we spoke to confirmed nearly 400 bookings, most of them for the W8AWD variant. Apparently, not too many people want the W6 or W8 variants. Downside of getting the pricing fabulously right, perhaps? 


Discussions and planning is on at Mahindra to figure out how soon the supply can match the demand. But last we heard, the waiting period is atleast 4 months.


Second good problem: Mahindra launched the XUV500 in just five cities. The idea was to have a pan India launch soon. But that might need a bit of re-thinking. Considering the long waiting periods in the current five cities, does Mahindra want to jack up the demand further? At the same time, would it be prudent to put off the launch in other cities for too long? 


Pawan Goenka has confirmed that the all-India launch will be no later than three months. At the same time, Mahindra will have to look at increasing the production from the planned 2000 units a month.


Third good problem: Mahindra was planning to export the XUV500 to foreign markets sometime soon after the launch. Australia, Chile and other South American countries were to receive the XUV500 within six months of the launch in India. But this will in all probability be postponed till the Indian demand is satisfied.