Formula1 has indeed come a long way since Michael Schumacher retired for the first time, and unfortunately his second and final retirement from the sport is here, just a couple of races away.

But don't let that news sadden you, you can still see the legend at the Race of Champions, an event he enjoys a lot.

Schumacher not retiring from RoC yet

According to RoC's official website, Schumacher has expressed his desire to continue participation in the Race of Champions. He says that since his lucky number is 7, he wants to do the seventh session of RoC too.

For his sixth RoC, Schumacher will team up with Sebastian Vettel to form Team Germany and take on other big names from motorsport. The ROC Nations Cup will take place on December 15, while the Race of Champions is scheduled to happen on December 16 2012.

And this year's RoC couldn't have been more special for fans of Indian motorsport too. India, for the first time is being represented at the event by none other than Karun Chandhok and Narain Karthikeyan! More info about that here.

Source: RoC