There are at least a dozen of special offers and special edition models that are being rolled out this month by various automakers with the strong hope that these offers will lure customers and provide the much needed respite to the sales chart that has been suffering since the last couple of months. And Tata Motors this season has not just one but two limited edition models lined up that are waiting to roll out in the Indian market.


The first model - we had reported earlier this month - is the luxirous version of the Manza called the Tata Manza Club Class that is slated to debut on October 16. And now according to reports, Tata Motors has planned a special edition model of its small car, Nano - that will wear a host of new features and additions that are approximated to amount to up to Rs 25,000.

Tata Nano Special Edition to be launched soon

On the outside, the Tata Nano Special Edition will get new alloy wheels as standard fitment on LX and CX variants. Graphics on the LX variant only and a special edition sticker on the LX and CX variants will also be thrown into the pack.


Since Nano comes with the instrument console placed in the centre, there's nothing on either sides. To make sure that this space is not wasted, the Indian automaker has affixed two glove compartments on both sides. Furthermore, both the LX and CX variants also get a USB compatible Blaupunkt audio system.

Tata Nano Special Edition to be launched soon

The Special Edition Tata Nano will be offered on sale sometime later this month and will be available in six colour options. 


Now, with all these added features, if Tata plans to sell the Nano at the same price, there is no doubt that the Indian automaker will be making a lot of Indians happy and might also turn a sizable chunk of prospective customers into proud owners this festive season. 


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