Porsche 911 is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and it's not just the completion of 50 years since the car first made it to the market, it goes beyond that.

Video of the day: Porsche 911 collector Magnus Walker in Desert Outlaw

If there's one car that carmaker Porsche is known for, then it is the 911. The three digits are as hallowed as it can get. So, apart from a huge legacy, the car has has grown into a culture now. People love driving, collecting, talking about, and customizing their Nine Elevens. One of the well known celebrities in the Porsche circle is Magnus Walker. Most of us got to know about the serial Porsche 911 collector in a documentary called Urban Outlaw.

A lot of interviews and Youtube appearances later, Magnus Walker makes a return with film-maker Tamir Moscovici, the same guy behind the above mentioned documentary Urban Outlaw. Check out the one and a half minute long video, which shows Mr. Walker driving his 911 in the desert.