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There’s something about companies that live more than a century. You just instantly know that they’ve been through a lot, seen a lot and would’ve had their glory days and bad days alike. They would’ve competed with steam engines, battery vehicles, the petrol engines, the diesel counterparts. Think about it, they’ve seen the V2 engines all the way to the V12s. That says a lot. One such veteran is FabbricaItalianaAutomobili Torino or fondly called, Fiat. The largest manufacturer based out of Italy, the company sold its first car way back in 1899. World War one has had a massive impact on Fiat as a company and it resulted in its expansion to public transport lines, railways, steel and other sectors. Post the war, the socialistic propaganda briefly impacted the company’s sales but by 1923, things started blooming again. The mass production of vehicles reduced cost and set Fiat as an affordable car maker that compromises on neither style nor performance. With Mussolini in power, the company had to stick with domestic grown and international expansion was put on hold. The shadows of war haunted Fiat even post World War 2, when mass production of cars ceased and Fiat had to settle for making aircraft, weapons and other machinery. The real and much deserved success came in 1960s when the exports by the company went off the charts. Although by the end of 1960s, the strikes did effect the company with the strikes but it got back to power by acquiring brands such as Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati starting from the years around the late 70s. Ever since then, Fiat has been a company that produces beautiful cars that perform with vigour and elegance. With leading cars like Alra 159, Fiat Punto and other vehicles where technology and innovation are hand in hand for its journey, Fiat had a century old legacy and is clearly in the process of making a century more of it with India playing an essential role.

New  Fiat Cars in India

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