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Some companies define their products. There’s no second call. Xerox defines photocopy to an extent where it is used interchangeable to the latter. Walkman is synonymous with music players. But before all these gadgets hit the radar, automobiles were the thing people were perhaps more fascinated with than they’re today. Ford was one such company that was synonymous with cars for quite some time and for all the right reasons. Henry Ford, unofficially is hailed as the father of assembly line automobile manufacturing. And his namesake, Ford was the company he perfected this manufacturing with. The company started off in the initial 1903 of the 20th century. The car was made in the now infamous Detroit industrial area. It was also one of the few companies that was able to survive through the Great Depression. The company traces its roots in the quadricycle built by Henry Ford in 1896. The Ford, as we know it revolutionized the automobile industry by offering cars that were affordable to the masses. It can be held responsible by removing cars as an elite luxury. The mass production of the iconic Model T was perfected over the years and in no time, everyone had a piece of Ford with them. The company was able to withstand the war and successfully transferred its focus to acquiring companies that stood apart from the rest. These acquisitions include Lincoln, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin and the yesteryear Mercury. Ford has also been integral to Indian automobile market because of its launch of the Ford EcoSport. The compact SUV that promised to be more than just a mini automobile. It offered mileage, looks, comfort and everything that made other Indian automobile manufacturers look into that direction. With the ever increasing emphasis of Ford India on innovative engineering and design, it’ll be a pleasure to watch the upcoming cars by the automaker.

New  Ford Cars in India

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