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What is automobile engineering? To answer the question, most of the yesteryear veterans revert back to mechanical engineering at core and they are completely justified. And mechanical engineering goes beyond just automobiles. One such rare breed of pure engineering genius that goes with the tagline of “The Power of Dreams” is Honda. The manufacturer has entered automobiles, motorbikes, marine engines, watercrafts, power generators, aerospace equipment and even robotics. But amongst all, the one that kept this Japanese company internationally relevant is the car industry. With a reported 6.8 billion dollars spent on research and development in 2013, Honda proves that with discipline and technological development, innovative vehicles can be created. Started relatively recently in 1946, it gave and still gives a tough competition to the veterans such as Ford and Fiat. The automaker has created history by being the first Japanese automobile maker to create a luxury brand, Acura. But behind all this is the man, the visionary Soichiro Honda. An automobile enthusiast who started off as a mechanic and was a piston ring supplier to Toyota later, his love for engineering made him improvise and create new engines, bikes, and automobiles as a whole. Although it started with T360, a pickup truck, it quickly transferred to customer centric automobiles as well. With cars like Honda City, Honda Accord and Honda Civic ruling the Indian market, Honda surprisingly found home in North America with staggering sales that gave their century old western counterparts a run for their money. To date Honda is revered for its innovation and India particularly always seems to have the appetite to have more of Honda. The car has best in class interiors, best in class comfort and the very engine design of Honda is a matter of engineering excellence.

New  Honda Cars in India

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