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Very rarely do companies come back from restraint and make the most out of their independence. South Korea was battling for its existence with North Korea and when it got the value finally, it got innovative in terms of development. Be it the K-Pop or the automobile industry. South Korea handled it with grace. And Hyundai is one thing that we need to thank the country for. And it is remarkable to see that the company that started operations in 1967 grew to be the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer of the world. The first model of Hyundai, the Cortina, was released with the help of the American giant Ford Motors. With the best in the business migrated from Britan and America, Hyundai went on to create it’s in house vehicle by the name Pony. Hyundai Excel found its true love in America market post its release there in 1986 and what followed is a parade of impressive cars that graced the market. Hyundai also happens to be one of the initial players to start their production plant based out of India. Although there aren’t many of what one might call as iconic cars out of the Hyundai stable, there have been quite a few utility centric vehicles. Hyundai had a rather simple motive. Offer affordable cars that do not compromise on performance. They weren’t designed to be the fastest, the most powerful so their emphasis on balanced consumer appeal is what made the car successful. This trend is apparent even in India where Hyundai excelled with the i10 series and is everywhere with its series of i20 and Hyundai Xccent. By the end of 2015, Hyundai Motor India also expressed the desire of bringing in Genesis, a luxury automobile that imbibes the core value of Hyundai. The first model, G90 is believed to come into the Indian market in a year’s time indicating towards a grand journey ahead for this South Korean automaker.

New  Hyundai Cars in India

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